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We are in the process of relaunching Viola Park as a new, independent company.

We will be launching this Spring after 2 years of product refinement and software design.

This relaunch will provide a new level of simplicity, versatility and functionality - as you should expect from a modern kitchen. We will also be providing a set of digital tools that will allow you to configure your own kitchen. In the meantime, if you have a project and would like to speak with us, contact us HERE for information on interim product availability.

If you would like to receive a notice when we relaunch, let us know.

About Viola Park

Viola Park was created by Henrybuilt, the company behind the first American kitchen system, to make the modern performance kitchen accessible to people aspiring to a higher level of aesthetics and design. Viola Park takes advantage of 20 years of innovation, industrial engineering and product refinement to deliver the simplicity, endurance and versatility that people demand of modern spaces.